• United States of America

    ISO Country Code - USA

    Routing Number for beneficiary bank required.

    Select Other from the drop down Bank Account Type field

    Enter the Beneficiary Account Number

    Select ABA from the Beneficiary Bank Code Type drop down field

    Using the filter option search for the required Beneficiary Bank Code and select


    ISO Country Code - CA

    Full beneficiary name and address must be provided, and must not contain a PO Box number


    ISO Country Code - CN

    There are four regulatory requirements which must be adhered to when making payments to mainland China, please see below.

    1. Full beneficiary name, street name, province and country are required to be quoted in the payment.
    2. The Beneficiary Library Name field contains up to 35 characters, if the beneficiary name contains more than 35 characters this it can be continued in the first line of the beneficiary address.

      There are then 2 lines of 35 characters in the address field in which to enter the street name and province. China is then selected from the dropdown options within the field titled Country.

    3. The Reason for Payment - You will need to provide the most appropriate payment purpose code from those below.

    4. Payment  Purpose Code Description


      Cross-border settlement conducted for trade in goods, general merchandise, goods for processing, goods required for repairing, goods procured in ports by carriers, transactions to be settled by letter of credit, bills for collection, payment of import equipment and advanced payment, etc.


      Cross-border settlement conducted for trade in services, including bill payments, services or fees relating to transportation, construction, financial services, computer and information services, sports, utility bills, legal and medical fees, etc.


      Income and current transfers, remittance of profits, bonus, dividends, tax and scholarships, etc.


      Capital account transactions, capital injection, capital reduction, capital payment, direct investment, shareholder’s loan/repayment, funds transfers for foreign direct investment (FDI) and RQFII projects.

    5. Invoice Number - This will come from your beneficiary in China and they must provide it to you in order for the payment to reach them.
    6. CNAPS Number - The CNAPS number is the equivalent of a UK domestic sort code and is 12 digits long. The CNAPS number must be entered in the format /CNnnnnnnnnnnnn.


    ISO Country Code - IN

    IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code must be provided

    Indian Rupee must only be sent to India

    Reason for payment must be provided


    ISO Country Code - ILS

    Israel Shekel should not be sent to the State of Palestine (PS)


    ISO Country Code - JM

    Full beneficiary name and address must be provided


    ISO Country Code - JO

    Reason for payment must be provided.


    ISO Country Code - LB

    Reason for payment must be provided.


    ISO Country Code - MU

    Reason for payment must be provided.


    ISO Country Code - MX

    18 digit account number must be provided.


    ISO Country Code - RO

    Payments to State Treasury and other State Owned Entities in Romania

    Payments to the State Budget in connection with tax duties such as Income Tax or VAT or Payments in favour of State Owned Entities such as a State Hospital - it is compulsory to provide the fiscal identification code of both the ordering customer and the beneficiary.

    This Fiscal Identification Code can be obtained directly from the State Treasury in Romania or through the fiscal representative of company in Romania.

    The payment will include the Beneficiary Bank BIC Address and the Beneficiary IBAN – both of these are mandatory for payments to Romania and will be enforced by Commercial Banking Online.

    The Reference to the Beneficiary Field should indicate:

    1. The Unique Fiscal Identification code* of the ordering party
    2. The Unique Fiscal Identification code^ of the beneficiary
    3. For Tax Liability: the Name of the entity having tax duties in Romania
    4. Details of the payment

    * Format of the Unique Fiscal Identification code for companies - IDXXXXXXX

    ^ Format of the Unique Fiscal Identification code for individuals UIN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Commercial Banking Online will not enforce this data into the Reference to the Beneficiary field but if you fail to provide it for payments of this nature it could delay receipt of the funds by the Beneficiary.

    South Africa

    ISO Country Code - SA

    Mandatory ZA code : input in the beneficiary bank code type field


    ISO Country Code - UG

    Reason for payment must be provided.

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