Improving your digital strategy – what you need to know

Date: 10-07-2017

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Could your digital strategy do more to help you achieve your business objectives? We ask Sharon O'Dea, an experienced digital strategy consultant, how companies can take their existing digital approach from zero to hero.

About the author

Sharon O'Dea is a digital strategy consultant and provides an advisory service for organisations who want to use digital to transform the way they do business. She has over 15 years’ experience in both public and private sectors, in the UK and Asia.


1) Keep your finger on the pulse

The digital world is always evolving. The first step you should take in boosting your digital strategy is to tool yourself with the relevant knowledge. Seek out advice, follow the experts and learn from the competition – who catches your eye and what are they doing that you’re not?

2) Try before you buy

Many software companies offer free trial versions of their products. This is a good way of road testing whether a digital solution will actually make you and your business work more efficiently.

3) Think of the ‘opportunity cost’

If you’re hesitating to commit to a digital project it’s crucial to think in terms of the ‘opportunity cost’. What would happen if you didn’t take the leap? By delaying are you spending money unnecessarily on old and inefficient systems?

4) Measure, respond, repeat

Social media tools such as Hootsuite and Meltwater allow you to learn what people are saying about your brand. Feed this information back into your business strategy and use it to identify new product or service opportunities.

5) Build with the customer in mind

Understanding channel preferences is vital. Use analytics to learn how your customers interact with your business and respond accordingly. Responsinator is a site which allows you to test your website on different device resolutions.

6) Consider paid as a strategy

Today, the organic reach on most digital channels is close to zero. You need to spend money to amplify your voice and rise above the competition. A well-executed paid strategy requires effective planning but can deliver a good return.

7) Consolidate your social media

As your business grows, so will the number of channels you use to communicate with your customers. But it’s time-consuming to maintain multiple social media platforms. Solutions like Sprout Social or Buffer provide scheduling and notification response tools which can streamline the management of your social channels.

Taking your digital presence to the next level and ensuring you deliver against your business goals means making better use of the tools you already have, as well as developing new ones. A digital strategy is simply a business strategy for the digital world: the same rules apply.

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