• Guidance: Statement reports in Commercial Banking Online

    Viewing Statement reports in Commercial Banking Online

    What to be aware of

    • Statement reports in Commercial Banking Online are different to your current reports
    • The type and format of reports will have changed.

    There isn’t a Commercial Banking Online report that provides exactly the same information as the Statement report on your current online banking channel. However the Running Balance Report provides similar information. The table below shows all the fields from the Statement Report and if they are present in the new report. 

    Statement Report Field

    Running Balance

    Sort Code - Account Number

    Account Name


    Transaction Type

    Transaction Narrative



    Value of Credits

    Value of Debits

    Opening Balance


    Closing Balance


    If you require a field is that no longer available you may find it on another report

    Changes to statement narratives

    The description and transaction codes shown within some statements have changed and you may need to make changes to your reconciliation processes. Find out more about changes to statement narratives.

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