• Guidance: importing CHAPS in Commercial Banking Online (CSV file) for LloydsLink customers

    Importing CHAPS in a CSV file

    Importing CHAPS payments to Commercial Banking Online will be different to importing them in LloydsLink:

    • CHAPS will now be called CHAPS Payment on Commercial Banking Online

    Header Indicator and Trailer Indicator

    Each payment you import will need to contain a header record at the start and a trailer record at the end. The header record will need to include:

    • Header Indicator: H
    • Import date: YYYYMMDD
    • Unique Sequence Number: every payment submitted by a user on the same day must have a different number. Each user can choose which number to enter.

    The Trailer Indicator field must always be ‘T’.


    The comments field allows you to add notes about the payment. The field is optional and any text entered will not be shown on Commercial Banking Online.

    Debit and credit fields

    Bacs multiple imports will consist of debit and credit records. Several credit records can be linked to a single debit record and every debit record must be followed by at least one credit record.

    Check your payment import files are compatible with Commercial Banking Online.

    We have provided a range of example files that demonstrate what a working payment import file will look like on Commercial Banking Online.

    You can use these files to compare them with and make changes to your current import files.

    Find out more about using payment import example files on Commercial Banking Online.

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