• Key differences relating to your accounts

    Account names may look slightly different

    The account names you see in Commercial Banking Online may look different from the ones you have in your existing online banking channel

    A different computer system will supply your account names to Commercial Banking Online. This may mean some account names are different to the names you see in your existing online banking channel. Although the account name might look different there have been no changes to sort code and account numbers.

    The 'friendly' or 'short' names for your account may truncated

    You may have given your accounts a friendly or short name to help you remember them. When these are moved to Commercial Banking Online they will be automatically shortened if they are over 39 characters long. Special characters will also be removed from the friendly name. To avoid this you can edit the friendly name so that it is 35 characters or less and does not use special characters.

    If you have chosen a friendly or short name for your account(s) this will be moved over to Commercial Banking Online.

    Your friendly or short name may have been shortened as only the first 39 characters will be carried across to Commercial Banking Online.

    The limit for short names in Commercial Banking Online is 39 characters. This includes spaces.

    Corporate Online

    The short name for an account can be changed in Corporate Online, or it can be changed in Commercial Banking Online once your move is complete.

    Although the short name might look different there have been no changes to sort code and account numbers.

    Account balances, including currency accounts

    There will be changes and improvements to the way you see your account balances

    Account balances won’t be rounded up or down

    On your existing online banking channel, your account balance is rounded-up to two decimal places.

    Your account balance is displayed to two decimal places on Commercial Banking Online, but there is no rounding up or down.

    For example a balance of £1,000,000.1799 would be displayed as £1,000,000.18 on your existing online banking channel, but will be £1,000,000.17 on Commercial Banking Online.

    Currency accounts

    Currency account balances can be viewed in real time.

    Account balances in different currencies

    Your account balances and transactions will be available to see and export in GBP, EUR and USD.

    Accounts you have grouped together will not be carried across to Commercial Banking Online

    You may have added key sterling and currency accounts to a group to make it easier to see these account balances from your account summary screen

    Corporate Online

    These groups will not be moved over to Commercial Banking Online. There is a similar function on Commercial Banking Online where you can set up account groups once you have moved.


    Need help see how to create an account group on Corporate Banking Online.

    New accounts will be automatically added to Commercial Banking Online

    This allows new accounts to be set up more quickly as there is no need to apply for accounts to be added to your online banking. This feature will be enabled by default. Please contact your client manager if you wish to disable the account auto opt-in feature.

    Multiple registrations

    Commercial Banking Online will replace three existing online banking channels. They are LloydsLink online, Corporate Online and LloydsLink

    You may already have a second channel as a back-up to your primary channel. Once you move to Commercial Banking Online, you will not have access to LloydsLink online or Corporate Online

    If you decide not to move one of your existing online banking channels

    If you decide not to move one of your existing online banking channels, please remember to transfer the details of any users and administrators, payment templates, beneficiaries or accounts to the channel moving to Commercial Banking Online in order to make sure these details are automatically transferred and available to you as soon as you start using Commercial Banking Online.

    If you transfer an account over to the channel you have decided to move to Commercial Banking Online, the transaction history for this account will not be transferred. Please download the transaction history for your account before you move it.

    You may choose to close any channels you don’t want to move over before you move to Commercial Banking Online. Once you have moved these channels will be automatically closed down.


    Need help check your administrators will retain their permissions once moved over to Commercial Banking Online.


    Need help read our frequently asked questions section.

    Closed accounts will not be moved over to Commercial Banking Online

    Guidance and help

    Visit our frequently asked questions section to find out more about changes to your accounts in Commercial Banking Online.

Important legal information

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