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    5. Ready to move

    Ready to move checklist

    What happens if I miss the deadline?

    Not making some of these changes could mean you cannot be moved over to Commercial Banking Online.

    What you need to do

    • Make sure you don’t need to perform any of the activities listed below

    Corporate Online

    Activity number





    System compatibility

    Check your systems will be compatible with Commercial Banking Online by using our compatibility tool

    [more information]


    User set-up

    Ensure all users and administrator profiles required on Commercial Banking Online have logged in to Corporate Online within the past 13 months

    [more information]


    Contact details

    Verify all users and administrator contact details are up to date: first name, last name, phone number, email and postal address

    [more information]


    Duplicate email addresses

    Make sure all users and administrator profiles for your registration have unique email addresses

    [more information]


    Administrator set-up

    Ensure you have at least one active administrator with full rights i.e. a smartcard admin who has logged on to Corporate Online within the past 13 months

    [more information]


    Avoid certain tasks

    The following activities should be avoided 4 weeks before your accounts move to Commercial Banking Online as changes will not be replicated on the new channel:

    • Addition or removal of users
    • Changes to first name, second name and users' contact details
    • Changes to users and administrative roles and permissions
    • Addition, removal or closure of accounts
    • Addition or closure of registrations

    [more information]


    Data archiving

    Complete the following data archive if required by Friday at 6pm on the weekend your accounts move to Commercial Banking Online

    • Payment advices
    • Transaction history for closed accounts
    • Customised reports and settings
    • Audit logs


    Future-dated payments

    Do not create any future-dated payments due to be paid from any future date from Friday at 6pm on the weekend your accounts move to Commercial Banking Online. All approved payments will be processed but payments cannot be altered, deleted or viewed from the weekend you move on Corporate Online or Commercial Banking Online.

    [more information]


    Review your beneficiaries and payment templates

    Review your beneficiaries and payment templates: some may need altering if you want them to automatically move to Commercial Banking Online

    [more information on payment types] [more information on beneficiaries]


    Key dates

    Note the key dates for your accounts moving to Commercial Banking Online


    Key differences

    Review the detailed information regarding key differences between Corporate Online and Commercial Banking Online

    [more information]


    Log in details

    Confirm all your users have all they need to log in


Important legal information

Calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve our quality of service.

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