I want to create an order

    1. From the View orders screen click on the Create Order button above the View Orders table

    2. Delivery name: enter the name of the person who is to receive the order:
      • Up to 30 characters
      • Supported characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the following special characters ! “ % ( ) - ; : ? & ‘ * + , . / @ _
      • Note: the ampersand (&) cannot be followed by another special character
    3. Delivery address: Select an address from the drop-down list. The drop-down is a list of pre-approved delivery addresses. You will have agreed your delivery addresses when you registered for TravelLink. If you want to add a new delivery address you will need to submit a Commercial Banking Online amendment form
    4. Delivery date: Select date from the calendar.
      • If you are creating and approving an order before 15:00 the earliest date you can select is the next working day, if you are creating and approving an order after 15:00 then the earliest date you can select is the following working day.
      • You cannot select a weekend or Bank holiday.
      • You can select a date up to 28 working days in advance
    5. Account to be debited: This will be pre-populated from the selected address, you can have multiple accounts associated with an address. If you want to add or remove accounts you will need to submit an amendment form.
    6. Account name: Prepopulated once the Delivery address has been selected. This is the name of the debit account. 
    7. Account currency: This will be prepopulated once the delivery address has been selected. This is the currency of the debit account.
    8. Select Continue

    9. The Order details screen will be displayed , this is a summary from the previous screen.
    10. Add order screen:
      • Order currency: select the currency you want to order.
      • Form of currency: Bank notes or Travellers’ cheques.
      • Total Required: the amount you want to order. You can enter the value of the currency or the GBP equivalent.
      • Click the Add order button to complete creation of the order.

    Multi orders

    You can enter up to 6 sub-orders into a single order. To continue entering sub-orders into the order just repeat step 10 above.

    Each time you click on the Add order button a new record will be entered into the Added orders table.

    Once you have completed entering your sub-orders click the Submit button, below the Added orders table.


    • TravelLink will automatically convert the amount into sterling and show you the exchange rate you will receive for your order
    • Rounding: TravelLink only supports whole values rounded to the nearest denomination of the currency you have requested. If you enter a value not divisible by the smallest denomination then TravelLink will round the value up to the nearest whole number. TravelLink will ask you if you want to continue.
    • TravelLink will automatically round up your orders to the minimum denomination for that currency and form of currency (Banknotes and Travellers’ cheques) example: Australian Dollar Banknotes: 2,001 AUD will be rounded-up to 2,010 AUD.
    • Form of currency: 5 currencies support Travellers cheques: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Euro and Japanese Yen. All currencies support banknotes.
    • Multi orders: sub-orders must be unique, which means that you cannot repeat an order e.g. you cannot create 2 orders for USD banknotes, even if they are for different values. However, you can include have 2 orders for USD, one for banknotes and one for travellers cheques.


    • Maximum sterling order: The maximum amount you can have in a single order for sterling is £2,000
    • Maximum sterling daily limit: The maximum amount you can order on the same delivery day for sterling is £2,000
    • Maximum non-sterling order: The maximum amount you can have in a single order for any other currency is £65,000
    • Royal mail limit: Orders less than £7,500 will be delivered via Royal mail. For orders greater than £7,500 these will be delivered by G4S, you must be registered for G4S delivery.
    • Sub-orders: TravelLink supports up to 6 sub-orders in a single order

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