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    How to Run Reports in Commercial Banking Online

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  • Create information reporting reports to monitor your organisation’s account activity in Commercial Banking Online. To get you quickly to the reports you use most frequently, the default view when you access Reporting will be Statement Reports. The five most commonly used reports are shown including any previously saved filters; to access other reports simply change the option within the View drop down field.

    We recommend for statements using either the Running Balance Report (for debits and credits in one column) or the Balance and Transaction Report (for separate debit and credit columns). Either of these will give sight of opening and closing balances, debits and credits applied to the account and the full reporting period date range. Please follow the steps for I want to create an information reporting report and select either the Running Balance Report or the Balance and Transaction Report then select the account(s) and date range you wish to run the report for.

      Account type debited Payment debited on Value Date Payment debited on Transaction Date
    (30-96-34 sort codes)
      *Although a currency account is debited on the Transaction Date, the debit amount will continue to receive interest until the Value Date 

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    For your security and to help protect against fraud, we recommend that you regularly run these reports for the previous 30 days and check that there have been no unauthorised transactions.

    You can also filter an information reporting report to display only the information in which you are interested or save a filtered report view that you can re-use whenever you need to. Once a report has been created, export it to a range of file formats or print it for review away from Commercial Banking Online.

    If you want to view account activity that’s more than five years old, please call the Commercial Banking Online helpdesk. Please have your Telephony PIN ready when you call so we can verify your identity. 

    If you want to create a Transaction Further Detail Report, see our What are the available information reporting reports? section.

    If you want to create a Bank Account Summary Report, see our Account summaries section. 

    For all other information reporting reports:

    1. Select Reporting to display the Report Management screen.
      Statement Reports default View Lloyds 
    2. Select Information Reporting Reports from the View drop-down list to only display the information reporting reports available.
    3. Click the report’s row. Depending on the type of report you are creating, either: 
      • The report will be displayed.
      • The filter options for the report will be displayed. Enter the report values you want to filter on and click View Results to display the report.

      The Date section lets you specify an exact time period over which you would like to view a report. You can either specify actual dates or date descriptions to describe the date range of the report. The descriptions are:
      • Today: this is the current date
      • Yesterday: this is yesterday’s date
      • Start of this week: this is the Monday of the current week
      • Start of last week: this is the Monday of the previous week
      • End of last week: this is the Sunday of the previous week
      • Start of this month: this the first day of the current calendar month
      • Start of last month: this is the first day of the previous calendar month
      • End of last month: this is the final day of the previous calendar month

    1. Export the report or print the report, as required.
    2. To cancel the report, click Cancel. You are returned to the Report Management screen.

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