I want to manage my Payment list views, Filters and Columns

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    An introduction to Payment Management in Commercial Banking Online. Please see below for more details about Payment views.

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  • Your Payment list view enables you to filter, create and save custom views of payments made within the last 90 days.  To view payments over this date range please refer to the Archive Consolidated Payment Summary report, click here to find out more about Payment reports.

    Please note; the removal of payments over 90 days old from your Payment Management screen is being managed on a phased approach so you may still see older payments until the transition is complete.

    To apply a Payment list view to the payments list, select the view’s name in the top right of the Payment management screen.

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    By default there will be nine Payment list views already set up for you, these are:

    • All Payments: lists all the payments that you are entitled to view in Commercial Banking Online.
    • My Payments: lists all the payments that you have actioned.
    • Approved Payments: lists all payments that have been approved.
    • Payments Requiring Approval: lists all payments that are currently awaiting approval.
    • Rejected Payments: lists payments that have been submitted for approval but that have been rejected either by one or more approvers in your organisation or by us.
    • Needs Rate Today Payments: lists payments that have been approved but require a current foreign exchange rate to proceed once the payment’s transaction date has been reached.
    • Payments Needing Repair: list payments that have been submitted for approval but that have incorrect or missing payment details which need to be fixed before the payment can proceed.
    • Two Week Look Back: lists all the payments that have been created, submitted or actioned over the last two weeks.
    • Payments Processed: lists all the payments that have been processed.

    These defaultPayment list views cannot be modified or deleted. If you require changes to how they are set up you will need to duplicate the view and make your edits as appropriate. 

    We recommend that you create a new payment list view which allows you to view details of all payments from the last 30 days, as a routine check that all payments have been appropriately authorised.

    Create a new Payment list views

    If there isn’t a view that matches how you would like to see your data displayed, you can create your own customised views.

    1. Use manage columns and filters to arrange the payment list to as you require.
    2. When you’re ready, click Save view to display the Save list screen.
    3. Enter a name for your view up to 50 characters long.
    4. Click Save to save your new view.

    Once you’ve saved your customised view, you can select it from the View drop-down list on the Payment management screen whenever you need it.

    Delete, modify, duplicate or set a default Payment list view:

    1. Click Manage to display the Manage views screen.
    2. Tick the box next to the name of the view you’re interested in.
    3. Click Modify, if you want to edit the selected payment view:
      • To select specific Payment values to show in the view, click + next to the type of Payment value you want to include, then, depending on the type of value you’re using, tick the box next to each value you want to include in the view or select a value operator and enter a filter value.
      • When you’re ready to save your changes, click Save.
      • You can only modify views which you have created, if you want to modify a system generated view you will need to create a Duplicate and Modify it.
      Click Delete if you want to delete the selected payment view. A message is displayed, asking you to confirm if you want to delete the view. Click Yes to delete the selected view. You will not be able to delete the system generated views.

      Click Duplicate if you want to copy the selected payment list view. A message is displayed, asking you to confirm if you want to copy the view. Click Yes to copy the selected view. You can then edit the copied view to get the exact view you want.

      Click Set As Default to save the selected payment view as your default view.


    Click Export to export the payment list view currently displayed on the Payment management screen to a CSV file.

    Manage columns

    To change which columns are shown in a payment list:

    1. Click Manage Columns to display the Manage Columns screen.
    2. Tick the box next to the name of each column you want to see.
    3. Untick the box next to each column you don’t want to see.
    4. When you’re happy, click Save to see your changes in the payment list.

      If you decide you don’t want to proceed with your changes, click Close.

      To change the order in which the columns appear, click on the name of a column you want to move and while holding down your left mouse button, drag the column to where you want it to appear in the payment list before releasing your mouse button.

      To sort the payment data that appears in a column, click on the column’s name. An arrow icon Arrow icon will be displayed next to the column’s name to indicate the sort order. Click Save View to save the current view into the list of views.

    Manage Payment list filters

    If you can’t see those payments on which you want to take action, you can filter the Payment management screen.

    To apply a quick filter to a payments list based on a payments value:

    1. Click Down arrow in the top left.
    2. Select the field you want to filter on.
    3. Enter the filter value in the field now displayed.
    4. Click Search to apply the filter to the payments list.
    5. Select Clear filter before applying another filter.

    To apply an advanced filter:

    1. Click Advanced in the top left to display the Filtering payments screen.
    2. Click + next to the type of payments value you want to filter on, then, depending on the type of value you’re using to filter, tick the box next to each value you want to include in the filter or select a value operator and enter a filter value.
    3. When you’re ready to apply your advanced filter, click View results.

      If you want to remove any filter you’ve applied to the Payment management screen, click Clear filter.


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