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I want to approve a payment

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    For your security, we strongly recommend dual approval of all payments.

    You can only approve payments with an Entered or Incomplete Approval status. You can be notified whenever payments need approval by you with an alert in your Notifications bar or by an email alert, depending on your notification and alert settings.

    1. For your security, we recommend that you review the beneficiary details of all payments before approving them. You can do this by double clicking on each payment’s row. Once you’ve reviewed the payment, click Approve to approve the payment or Close to return to the Payment management screen.To approve a single payment, click Down arrow in the payment’s row and select Approve from the pop-up menu displayed. 

    2. To approve multiple payments at the same time, after you have checked the beneficiary details, tick the ones you want to approve in the payments list and click Approve.
    3. A message is displayed asking if you’re sure you want to approve the payment. Click Confirm approvals and authenticate or Cancel to close the message without approving the payment.
    4. A message is displayed to confirm your approval.

    If you have approved multiple payments at the same time, click + to view the summary of a specific payment.

    • To print out the details of the approved payments as a payment detail report, click Print details.
    • To close the message and return to the Payment management screen, click Close.

    Approved payments will have an Incomplete approval status if additional approval is required or Approved if no additional approval is required.

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