CSV Export on Commercial Banking Online

  • The CSV export is a method for downloading your Commercial Banking Online account information for upload into other financial systems. On Commercial Banking Online, data can be downloaded from a number of different areas including the Download Data Export section or from the Bank Account Summary or by having first selected a number of the Information Reporting reports i.e. Running Balance Report or Balance and Transaction Report. These will be covered in separate detail below;

    Balance and Transaction CSV Balance and Transaction CSV Download Data Export

    The Balance and Transaction Download Data Export CSV export file follows the following structure:

    Post Date 
                Account Number 
                            Account Name    
                             Customer Reference
                Transaction Detail

    Each line of the CSV export will start populate as per the data table below;

    Field Name Example Characteristics of the Field Record Length
    Post Date DD/MM/YYYY Numerical 10 characters
    Account Number 300000-12345678 GBP Alpha, numeric and special characters 19 characters - made up of Sort code (nnnnnn) + Hyphen( –) + Account number (nnnnnnnn) + Space ( ) +
    ISO Currency Code (GBP)
    Account Name SOCTEST NAMECHANGE Alpha, numeric Up to 39 characters
    Type CHAPS or International Payment Alphabetical up to 30 characters
    Amount 1.42 or -1.42 Numerical Up to 16 characters
    Negative includes a “-“
    Includes a full stop “.” as the decimal separator
    Customer Reference INVOICE 123456  Alpha numeric Up to 18 characters
    Transaction Detail ANDY DIXON        300000000253124371INVOICE 123456    301215     10     19JAN18 09:32     Alpha numeric Up to 90 characters
    Balance 11.33 or -5. Numerical Up to 16 characters
    Negative includes a “-“
    Includes a full stop “.” as the decimal separator

    CSV Transaction Type Codes

    Code Credit
    Code Debit
    TRF CHAPS or International Payment DDT CHAPS Payment
    BGC Bank Giro Credits CHK Cheque
    ADV Counter Deposit FPO Faster Payment Sent
    FPI Faster Payment Received 566 Account Debit
    TRF Inter Account Transfer TRF Inter Account Transfer
    STO Standing Order STO Standing Order
    MISCELLANEOUS Refunded Charges MSC Service Charges
    268 Sweeping TRF CHAPS Debit
    399 Sundry Credit MSC International Payment

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