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I want to create a payment alert

  • Payments alerts can be sent to users by email to notify them when a payment’s status matches the alert, for example, if you need to be alerted when a payment is awaiting approval.

    If you have a Role with the correct entitlements, you can create a new payments alert, either for yourself or other users, and use filters to ensure the alerts are only sent for particular payment types and amounts.

    1. On your Manage payments page, select Alerts to display the Alert Settings screen.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Select Payments as the Alert Group.
    4. Select the Alert Type you want to create.
      • Approver Rejected Payments. Select this option if you want an alert to be sent whenever a payment is rejected during the approval process or the payment has past cut off before approval. To find out more, please see our Payments section. 
      • Payments Processed. Select this option if you want an alert to be sent whenever a payment is successfully processed. This alert is available for the following payment types: Bacs, Inter Account Transfer, Euro Payment, International draft, International Payment and CHAPS.This alert does not need to be scheduled.
      • Payments Awaiting Approval. Select this option if you want an alert to be sent whenever a payment is awaiting approval.
      • Payments Needing Rate. Select this option if you want an alert to be sent whenever a payment needs a foreign exchange rate.
      • Payments Rejected Today. Select this option if you want an alert to be sent whenever a payment is rejected during processing by the Bank.
    5. Enter a name for the alert.
    6. Enter the email address of who you want to receive the alert. This should be the email address which you entered when you were creating the user in Commercial Banking Online or alternatively,  click Search icon to search for and select the email address of the user, or the group of users, you want to receive the alert.  If you want alerts to go to other individuals in the organisation who do not use Commercial Banking Online themselves, ensure that the email address is valid, regularly used for business and isn’t a personal or group email address.
    7. Select what time you want the alert to be sent by selecting a Schedule Time and Time Zone (not applicable to all alert types).
    8. Click Save.
    9. Select the filters you want to be applied to the alert, for example, whether you only want the alert to be for specific payment types, or for the Debit Amount or Credit Amount to be less than, equal to or greater than a specific amount. The filter option available will depend on the Alert Type you selected.
    10. After confirming that the email address you have selected is correct,, click Save. A message confirming that the payments alert has been saved is displayed.
      If you want to:
      • create another alert, click Add New Record.
      • return to the Alert Settings screen, click Close or  Small x (close).

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