What are the available landing pages?

  • Your Commercial Banking Online landing pages are the pages available to you from the main tabs in the top left of Commercial Banking Online whenever you log in. The number of landing pages available to you depends on the Roles currently assigned to you in Commercial Banking Online.

    You can also set one of these pages to display by default whenever you log in to Commercial Banking Online and the page you return to whenever you click Home icon.

    If you want access to a landing page that’s not currently available to you, please contact your Administrator for more help.



    Administration landing page

    The Administration landing page displays the users and workflow items that need action by an Administrator.


    From the Administration landing page, Administrators can take the following actions:

    • Edit existing users.
    • Manage users, including activating, suspending or deleting their online user accounts.
    • Manage users’ Security settings, including unlocking their Online user accounts, Resetting their passwords and Telephony PINs and ordering new Security card PINs
    • Manage users’ security devices, including ordering, cancelling, activating and suspending devices.
    • Take action on Pending and Pending second approval workflow items

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    Audit reports landing page

    The Audit reports landing page allows users with an Audit Role to create administrative audit reports on Commercial Banking Online service, that they can then export or print for future reference.


    From the Audit reports page, users can take the following actions:

    • Create a user update history report.
    • Create a user activity report.
    • Create a user status report.
    • Create a Security device report.


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    Payment management landing page

    The Payment Management landing page allows users with appropriate payments and cash management Roles to create and manage payments in Commercial Banking Online.


    Depending on the payments and cash manage Roles assigned to a user, they can:

    • Create new payments, including payments from scratch, payments from existing payments or templates and quick entry payments.
    • Import and export payments.
    • Manage existing payments, including approving, unapproving, rejecting and deleting payments, as well as getting a live foreign exchange rate to complete FX trades.
    • Create new payment templates.
    • Create new payment transfers.

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    Accounts and balances landing page

    The Accounts and balances landing page allows users with appropriate payments and cash management Roles to create, view and manage Accounts and balances summaries.

    An Accounts and balances summary provides you with an overview of how a selected group of your accounts is performing, so you can quickly see what actions need to be taken to effectively manage your accounts.

    From the Accounts and balances page, users can take the following actions:

    • View Accounts and balances summaries.
    • Create new Accounts and balances summaries.
    • Edit existing Accounts and balances summaries.
    • Delete existing Accounts and balances summaries.

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    Exceptions landing page

    The Exceptions landing page is assigned to users If their assigned Roles do not have any landing page associated with them.

    To change your landing page, you will need to contact your Administrator to modify your assigned Roles.

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