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  • The Incoming Credits tab will be 'view only' to begin with, until out-clearing starts during 2018.

    1. The Incoming Credits tab includes three sub-tabs to allow the different types of incoming credit to be differentiated and/or presented in a manner appropriate to the way in which you will need to use the information. Via the different tabs you can view:
      a) ‘Collected Items’ – items collected by yourselves (This tab will be available later in the year when your out-clearing channels are in operation).
      b) ‘Collected Elsewhere’ – items collected from other collecting banks.
      c) ‘Exceptions’ – will show all items that received a decision during the current processing day that is not a 'pay' decision (i.e. a 'no pay' response or 'local bank holiday' delay to payment decision). This is a duplication of information in the 'Collected Items' / 'Collected Elsewhere' tabs but refined to show only those items that need to be actioned in some way.
    2. You can filter results on a number of criteria - clicking the 'Status' filter icon it will expand/collapse the fields. The 'Status' filter will reflect the values held within the 'Response' column (All Paid, Not Paid, Local Bank Holiday, No response).

    3. Credits kappa

    4. Clicking on the T-set (Transaction Set) details will display all items – this will list all credits and cheques which make up the originally submitted set of transactions. The ‘Amount’ detailed against the transaction set (at the top of the screen) represents the sum of the credit transactions within the set.
    5. Possible responses in this column are: All Paid, Not Paid, 'Local Bank Holiday', No response. Where no response for ‘Request To Pay’ (RTP) items has been received, no value will be shown in the 'Response' column and no button will be available within the 'Action' column (to the right of the ‘Response’ column). Where the response is Local Bank Holiday, the phrase 'Local Bank Holiday' will be shown in lieu of a decision and the item will be treated as per unpaid items (i.e. also appear in the 'Exceptions' tab). E.g. if it’s a Bank Holiday in Scotland and the cheque is issued by a bank in Scotland, they may not make their pay decision until the following day (non-bank holiday). The other items in the T-set will be processed as normal. On the next business day, the same T-set will be displayed with the already decisioned items greyed out and only the delayed item(s) shown for processing (awaiting a pay or no pay decision as per normal behaviours).
    6. The Kappa flag will be applied where the item has been flagged as suspect fraud during Kappa (fraud) review – further details will be available by clicking on the Kappa icon/ flag.

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