• 2020 Vision: futurologist Magnus Lindkvist on 5 trends for 2016
  • Ten ways automation could change your business over the next five years

    Ten ways automation could change your business over the next five years

    Date:  04  September  2017

    It’s the next frontier for organisations everywhere, but automation may impact your business sooner than you think.

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    The age of automation thumbnail

    The age of automation: how will your business benefit?

    Date:  04  September  2017

    Will robotic technology change the business landscape forever? Watch Alex Harvey, Ocado’s Head of Robotics and Autonomous Systems explain how joining the automation revolution can bring sustainable ...

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    Improving your digital strategy – what you need to know

    Date:  10  July  2017

    Sharon O'Dea, digital strategy consultant, outlines seven effective methods businesses can use to improve their digital strategy.

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    How to help protect your business against impersonation fraud

    Date:  10  July  2017

    John Unsworth, CEO of the London Digital Security Centre and Martyn Rochelle, Senior Manager, Fraud Education and Control at Lloyds Bank, explain how business leaders can protect their organisations ...

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    Video exclusive: how a passion for exporting has driven international success

    Date:  05  June  2017

    Brompton Bicycle CEO, Will Butler-Adams OBE, explains why he thinks following your instincts and getting out there is the only approach that counts when expanding your business.

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    Fast Track to international trade success

    Date:  03  May  2017

    Hamish Stevenson, founder of Fast Track, reveals what success looks like for businesses trading internationally.

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    Grenson – challenges and opportunities of opening its first overseas store

    Date:  03  May  2017

    Pricing, people and picking the right location – read how Grenson is overcoming the challenges of opening its first store overseas.

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    Les Batch

    How to stay agile in a shifting trade environment

    Date:  03  April  2017

    Trade expert, Lesley Batchelor, considers how businesses can reduce their risk and act to take new opportunities in a changing trade landscape.

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    Communication – the key to supply chain success

    Date:  01  March  2017

    Could your supply chain be improved? Watch our motion graphic for some simple steps you can take to drive significant improvements.

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    Shifting gears: 3 ways to improve your cash conversion cycle

    Date:  01  March  2017

    Martin Flint, Director of Working Capital at Lloyds Banking Group, looks at practical ways companies could make a difference to the way they manage working capital.

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    Timothy Sarson

    Britain’s EU exit and the impact on tax

    Date:  02  February  2017

    The post-EU referendum tax landscape is likely to be complex. Tim Sarson (Partner, KPMG) discusses the challenges that lie ahead for UK businesses and what their next steps should be.

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    Jeff Longhurst Thumb

    The rise of asset based finance: is it right for your business?

    Date:  01  February  2017

    What’s driving the growth in asset based finance? ABFA CEO Jeff Longhurst discusses when invoice finance or asset based lending can be an efficient funding solution for your business.

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    Taking it to the competition: supply chain management as a strategic advantage

    Date:  22  November  2016

    Is supply chain efficiency the last bastion of competitive advantage? Read more on the cost reduction and increased value businesses can gain from better supply chain management.

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    The Special Relationship: what might a Donald Trump presidency mean for UK businesses?

    Date:  22  November  2016

    Video exclusive: Declan Curry considers the US election result and its possible impact on UK business, global trade and international relations.

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    How regulation is reshaping the payments landscape

    Date:  22  November  2016

    What will new regulation in the payments industry really mean for businesses and their customers? Sage Pay’s Seamus Smith and Lloyds Banking Group’s James McMorrow examine the impact of PSD2.

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    PROPERCORN – the popcorn brand that’s redefining growth metrics

    Date:  04  November  2016

    The gluten-free snack brand has been on constant fast forward since its inception in 2011. Read how they measure success and how they intend to continue growing in a competitive market.

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    Could adopting flexible working drive business growth?

    Date:  04  November  2016

    Could flexible working boost productivity and business growth? As the UK reaches a ‘tipping point’ in adopting workforce flexibility, we examine the benefits for British business.

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    Gameplan exclusive – where next for UK international trade? We examine the options with Lord Digby Jones

    Date:  07  October  2016

    Lord Digby Jones encourages people to think about alternative markets as safety nets. Trading internationally makes you more competitive. Plan for the future and plan strategically for tomorrow.

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    Translating foreign investment into UK growth

    Date:  07  October  2016

    Foreign investment brings skills, technology and funds to the UK – what’s not to like, asks FUJIFILM Diosynth’s Steve Bagshaw?

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    Reshoring – how to assess location decisions for your business

    Date:  07  October  2016

    Is reshoring a viable business strategy? Lee Hopley, Chief Economist at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, examines the challenges and benefits of bringing production back to the UK.

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    Risks and opportunities for UK businesses post-referendum

    Date:  25  August  2016

    Remain nimble, innovative and have robust processes to support your decisions. We explore key concerns including: FX rates, regulatory change, consumer confidence and appetite for risk.

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    Let due diligence take the risk out of deal doing

    Date:  18  August  2016

    BHS and Jay Z’s acquisition of Tidal are just two examples of due diligence gone wrong. With over $4tn worth of global M&A deals in 2015, how do you keep your deal on track?

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    James Selka

    The risk of inaction – can you afford to ignore digital technology?

    Date:  17  August  2016

    If you want to survive in this fast-paced world, then harnessing technology isn’t a choice, it’s a requirement, says MTA CEO James Selka.

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    Productivity-Challenges and opportunities facing the UK

    Date:  27  July  2016

    How can the UK overcome the productivity challenge? With UK productivity remaining stagnant since 2008, what can businesses do to boost output, efficiency and competitiveness?

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    Nicola Grant

    Priceless possibilities: Making the most of any sponsorship opportunity

    Date:  21  June  2016

    Whatever the size and scale of your sponsorship approach, getting the most out of it requires careful planning. MasterCard shares their insight on maximising the potential from any investment.

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    The road to Rio

    Date:  21  June  2016

    As the Rio Olympics near, elite athletes aren’t the only source of inspiration: it’s also sparked fresh interest in a market with huge potential.

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    Peter Roberts

    Managing cash and people through rapid growth – the key to Pure Gym’s success

    Date:  21  June  2016

    Pure Gym spotted a gap in the market. Six years on, it’s the UK’s biggest fitness operator. How do you take a business from opportunity to domination?

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    Murdo MacIver

    Trimming the fat – how oil and gas are managing lean times

    Date:  24  May  2016

    Challenging the mind-set of an industry in decline and taking a leap of faith into the future is vital says Peterson Group’s Murdo MacIver.

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    Mike Wright

    Compete, invest, repeat – the secrets of success for Jaguar Land Rover

    Date:  24  May  2016

    How global competition and evolving customer expectations are driving innovation – and success – at Jaguar Land Rover.

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    Lloyds Boat Thumbnail

    International trade: bridging the gap

    Date:  24  May  2016

    From trade hotspots to in demand commodities, we look at global opportunities for UK businesses and solutions to the barriers that hold us back.

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    Josh Graff

    2020 VISION: Tech and talent: is your business connected?

    Date:  20  April  2016

    From accessible technology to the shifting priorities of a 2020 workforce, there are game-changing forces in play for businesses, says LinkedIn’s Josh Graff.

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    Simon Duffy

    British Bulldog triumphs in global markets

    Date:  20  April  2016

    Considering exporting your products to new markets? Simon Duffy, co-founder of global men’s skincare brand Bulldog offers valuable advice.

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    Rob Webster

    2020 VISION: the NHS on partnership, people and place

    Date:  20  April  2016

    With public finances under intense scrutiny, Rob Webster, CEO of the NHS Confederation, considers the future of one of Britain’s most revered institutions.

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    Colin Temple

    Schuh puts its best foot forward at home and overseas

    Date:  20  April  2016

    Schuh’s success is a retail triumph. Managing Director, Colin Temple shares his experience of growth against the odds.

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    John Cridland

    2020 VISION: John Cridland on the skills challenge facing UK businesses

    Date:  20  April  2016

    With the UK lagging in skills to boost productivity, John Cridland, former Director-General of the CBI, shares his vision for greater collaboration between industry and education by 2020.

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    Adam Chester

    2016 Budget and the UKs economic outlook

    Date:  22  March  2016

    2016 Budget: Adam Chester, Head of Economics shares his view of the three standout measures for businesses – and the near-term growth challenges ahead.

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    Pinky Lilani thumbnail

    2020 VISION: Pinky Lilani calls for a fresh look at diversity

    Date:  09  March  2016

    Diversity definitely isn’t a box-ticking exercise, says Pinky Lilani – it’s a chance to change your business culture and your bottom line for the better through empowered workforces motivated to ...

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    Michael Boyd

    2020 VISION: Why UK businesses need to plan strategically for overseas growth

    Date:  07  March  2016

    Opportunities for inward and outbound investment will support business and economic growth over the next five years according to UKTI MD, Michael Boyd.

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    Robert Cochran

    Are you on top of pension changes?

    Date:  04  March  2016

    Scottish Widows expert Robert Cochran helps you navigate the shifting pension environment.

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    Harriet Lamb

    2020 VISION: Harriet Lamb on why sustainability makes business sense

    Date:  04  March  2016

    Hot on the heels of Fairtrade Fortnight, former Fairtrade CEO, Harriet Lamb, argues that businesses that fail to take sustainability seriously can face supply chain challenges.

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    Gameplan Report Cover Thumb

    Gameplan Report

    Date:  24  February  2016

    The Lloyds Bank Gameplan report sets out to analyse some of the key issues of concern to British business, from policy and productivity to infrastructure and investment.

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    Declan Curry

    2020 VISION: Declan Curry on how to stay ahead of the game

    Date:  05  February  2016

    Declan Curry shares his view on the headline stories for British businesses as we look towards 2020.

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    Simon Devonshire

    Re-kindling the entrepreneurial fire – how established businesses can embrace innovation for growth

    Date:  02  February  2016

    Entrepreneurialism is associated with start-ups but established businesses who fail to embrace this approach risk stagnation and failure, says Entrepreneur in Residence, Simon Devonshire OBE.

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    David Walker

    Unlock innovation in your business

    Date:  02  February  2016

    Help your business unlock its innovation potential, with tips from the co-founder of one of the UK’s leading innovation agencies, Happen.

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    Magnus Lindkvist

    2020 VISION: Magnus Lindkvist on the trends that matter

    Date:  01  February  2016

    Trendspotter and futurologist Magnus Lindkvist argues that competition is the theft of big ideas and offers his solution to unlock true creativity.

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    Anne Godfrey

    2020 VISION: Anne Godfrey on the changing face and pace of marketing

    Date:  01  February  2016

    Digital will change the face and pace of marketing over the next five years, predicts Anne Godfrey, former CEO of CIM.

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    Cate Trotter 210

    The rise of trendspotting

    Date:  15  January  2016

    Trendspotter Cate Trotter shares top tips to stay ahead of the curve – and her view on what will be big for retailers in 2016.

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    Simon Woodroffe Thumbnail

    The ideas man - Simon Woodroffe on the importance of listening to your instincts

    Date:  06  January  2016

    Simon Woodroffe OBE, founder of YO!, tells Gameplan why he's proud to be an entrepreneur and shares his insight into what makes for success - in life and business.

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    Michelle Ovens thumbnail

    What helps a small business make a big impression?

    Date:  05  January  2016

    Michelle Ovens MBE, NBA judge and Small Business Saturday Director, shares her unique view of Britain’s SMEs – and what really distinguishes the best and brightest.

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    Jim McColl Thumbnail

    Corporate transformation: the secret to Jim McColl’s 'Midas Touch'

    Date:  05  January  2016

    Jim McColl has a reputation for reinvigorating ailing companies. So what’s his secret to breathing new life into a business, or even an industry?

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    Ed Nusbaum Thumb Colour

    Europe: threats to stability and the path to opportunity

    Date:  04  January  2016

    The European recovery is gaining momentum but threats persist, says Grant Thornton’s Ed Nusbaum – so what does this mean for British businesses?

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    innovation Thumbnail

    Innovation: the key to growth for British SMEs

    Date:  01  December  2015

    Four in 10 small firms plan to ramp up investment in R&D but 62% risk being held back by a lack of innovation skills, says a new survey from Lloyds Bank.

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    Black Friday Thumbnail

    Black Friday – how to be a winner in the retail game

    Date:  12  November  2015

    Discount phenomenon Black Friday hit the UK hard in 2014 – with mixed results. Author of The Black Friday Playbook looks at the risks and opportunities.

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    Jo Macsween thumbnail

    Why more women in leadership roles means better business

    Date:  12  November  2015

    From understanding your market to reducing the risk of fraud: why having more women at the top simply makes good business sense.

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    Shelter Thumbnail

    From benefits to bricks: how Shelter is campaigning to tackle the housing crisis

    Date:  12  November  2015

    With Britain in the midst of an escalating housing crisis Senior Policy Officer Pete Jefferys outlines Shelter’s campaign for change.

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    Paul Brown (thumbnail)

    From Innocent to independent: BOL shares its top 5 tips for success

    Date:  12  November  2015

    BOL Foods founder Paul Brown found the confidence to leave the stability of a renowned firm and risk it all on a new venture – here’s how.

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    Why inspiring talent – and loyalty – is a top priority

    Date:  09  October  2015

    Earn 27% more a year from each staff member by supporting their work-life balance? Sounds like a no-brainer, but how do you know what really makes your personnel tick?

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    Declan Curry

    Business insight from across the UK

    Date:  08  October  2015

    Gameplan Live event host, Declan Curry, shares his insights from business leaders throughout the country.

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    Daylight saving: time to join Europe?

    Date:  07  October  2015

    Increased opportunities for daylight dependent activities, reduced energy or just a waste of time? Should the UK move to Central European Time?

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    Iain Gulland headshot

    Waste not, want not: could your business gain from resource efficiency?

    Date:  02  October  2015

    Wastefulness is costing businesses, says Zero Waste Scotland’s Iain Gulland – it’s time to embrace resource efficiency and a circular economy.

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    Cally Russell thumb

    Facing down the dragon – why Mallzee turned down £75k in the Dragon’s Den

    Date:  28  September  2015

    Mallzee founder, Cally Russell, explains why choosing the right funding is critical for business.

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    From Ordinary thumbnail

    Video: from ordinary to extraordinary - how to create a winning mindset and galvanise your team

    Date:  14  September  2015

    Could the performance psychology of elite sports unlock the potential of your business? i2i CEO Michael Finnigan, talks about the mindset of gold standard leaders.

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    Millenials thumbnail

    Millennials – the key to future growth for SMEs?

    Date:  13  September  2015

    86% of SMEs report that the future growth of their business relies on recruiting talent from the Generation Y demographic, what does that mean for businesses today and how can you attract them?

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    Susie Hewson

    An uncompromising approach to business

    Date:  12  September  2015

    Susie Hewson, winner of the 2014 First Woman in Manufacturing award, converted raw passion and anger into global business success. Find out how.

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    New Trade Thumbnail

    New trade horizons: what’s holding you back?

    Date:  11  September  2015

    When it comes to exports the UK must do better, says David Godfrey, Chief Executive of UK Export Finance (UKEF). In this article he picks out the current trade hotspots and argues that where there is ...

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    UK fastest growing thumbnail

    The UK’s fastest growing sectors?

    Date:  10  September  2015

    With the British economy now back in recovery, growth objectives are now firmly back on the business agenda. A look at the top 10 fastest growing industries by annual percentage change in output to ...

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    Declan Curry Thumb

    A fork in the road for the Eurozone

    Date:  22  July  2015

    Greece's crisis raises questions over Britain's membership of the European Union, and Scotland's future in the UK, argues business journalist Declan Curry.

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    Ready for anything: how GO Outdoors keeps its footing

    Date:  21  July  2015

    Opportunities abound in the leisure retail industry. The challenge, says Chris Matthews, CEO of GO Outdoors, is tracking and reacting to trends that can change with the weather.

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    Gary Browning Thumb

    Is your eye on the workforce cliff?

    Date:  20  July  2015

    Most businesses emerged from the recession leaner and more efficient – but, as Gary Browning, Chief Executive of HR consultancy Penna explains, a growth environment presents a new efficiency ...

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    VisitBritain: Targeting growth for the £127bn tourism industry

    Date:  29  June  2015

    The UK is renowned as a popular tourist destination – but there is still scope to amplify the economic impact of an often-underestimated industry. Patricia Yates, Strategy & Communications Director ...

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    Could outsourcing boost your efficiency?

    Date:  28  June  2015

    With outsourcing on the up in the UK, Kerry Hallard, CEO of the National Outsourcing Association, looks at the key efficiency drivers.

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    Secrets of success: tips from business leaders

    Date:  27  June  2015

    What creates a great British business? In today’s fast-paced, dynamic environment it’s easy to lose sight of the essence of success. As Lloyds Bank marks its 250th anniversary, Gameplan looks at what ...

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    Selling Britain: the event opportunity

    Date:  26  June  2015

    With event season upon us and a prestigious line-up including Wimbledon, Glastonbury and the British Grand Prix, Simon Hughes, Vice Chair of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP) explains ...

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    Nikki King

    A true visionary

    Date:  25  November  2014

    Hailed as a ‘legend’ in the motor industry, Isuzu Truck’s Nikki King identifies the recession as the career-marking event that most stretched her planning skills. But she never lost sight of her ...

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    Magnus Lindkvist

    Find your future

    Date:  19  November  2014

    Is your business ready for what’s to come? Trendspotter and futurologist Magnus Lindkvist explores how we can all be better prepared for what the future may hold – and even play a part in shaping it.

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      Louise Martin

      Date:  23  November  2014

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    • Strategy and implementation: does your business bridge the gap?

      Mike West

      Date:  22  November  2014

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      Jeremy Anderson

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    • Deciphering the data

      Line Graph

      Date:  20  November  2014

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    • Social housing: a misguided debate

      Social housing: a misguided debate

      Date:  09  June  2015

      56% of the public support the construction of more social housing according to a Fabian Society report.* Senior Researcher Rob Tinker argues that’s a clear mandate for government action.

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    • What can business learn from leadership in politics?

      Declan Curry thumb

      Date:  21  May  2015

      What lessons should business leaders take from the election campaign, and the results? Business writer Declan Curry explores.

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    • Infrastructure investment: the supply chain opportunity

      TMB: Infrastructure investment: the supply chain opportunity

      Date:  19  May  2015

      How large-scale projects, such as plans for a new Hinkley Point nuclear power station, can deliver a multi-layered economic boost.

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    • Reshoring: do you have the home advantage?


      Date:  18  May  2015

      The trend for offshoring is reversing, with businesses increasingly perceiving the UK as a sustainable, cost-efficient place to operate. Tom Carroll, Director of EMEA Corporate Research at JLL (formerly Jones Lang LaSalle) outlines the opportunity.

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    • Why businesses can’t ignore the productivity challenge

      Declan Curry thumb

      Date:  17  May  2015

      What is the future for business, after the Government revealed its plans in the Queen’s Speech? Business journalist and Lloyds Gameplan host Declan Curry takes a personal view.

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    • Innovation and growth in asset based finance

      Jeff Longhurst

      Date:  14  April  2015

      Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) CEO Jeff Longhurst discusses the drivers and changing perceptions behind the figures, and considers the outlook for the year ahead.

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    • Green, clean and lean: turning sustainability into competitive advantage

      Darran Messem

      Date:  13  April  2015

      Resource-efficient supply chains deliver both business and environmental benefits, explains Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at The Carbon Trust, an independent not-for-profit organisation working to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy.

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    • Balancing the books – a Budget for business growth?

      Ahead thumb

      Date:  12  April  2015

      Post-Budget reflections from Trevor Williams, Lloyds Bank Chief Economist, offer insight on what businesses can take from the 2015 announcement.

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    • Video: why there is no Plan B for Marks & Spencer

      Mike Barry

      Date:  06  March  2015

      With Plan A, Marks & Spencer (M&S) is on a mission to be the world’s most sustainable major retailer. Director Mike Barry discusses the strategy where environmental and business objectives meet.

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    • How to make your workforce smarter

      Clodagh O’Reilly

      Date:  05  March  2015

      Chair of the Association for Business Psychology and leader of IBM’s Smarter Workforce Science Consultancy, Clodagh O’Reilly explores how businesses can optimise their most valuable asset: people.

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    • Is greater efficiency on the cards?

      Scott Abrahams

      Date:  04  March  2015

      Spending on cards now accounts for a third of the UK’s total gross domestic product (GDP), but more businesses should be making the most of the move away from cash, argues MasterCard’s Scott Abrahams.

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    • Business strategy: make or break

      Declan Curry

      Date:  24  November  2014

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    • Are you keeping pace with digital transformation?


      Date:  12  September  2014

      Embracing new technology will be transformational for UK businesses, according to Professor Derek McAuley, Head of Horizon – the digital economy research hub at The University of Nottingham.

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    • Bitcoin, anyone? Why you might need to take a fresh look at your money

      bitcoin anyone?

      Date:  11  September  2014

      With a Government review of digital currencies announced, and a seaside newsagent in Swanage accepting Bitcoin as payment, has this virtual system made the leap to the ‘real world’? Dr Llewellyn Thomas of Imperial College Business School lifts the lid on the rise of cryptocurrency – and the implications for UK businesses.

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    • Making the future: why manufacturers must embrace the digital revolution


      Date:  14  September  2014

      Professor Ken Young, Technology Director at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), explains how technology advancement is the platform to give British industry a leading edge on the world stage.

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    • Are you getting your message across?


      Date:  18  September  2014

      If you don’t take control of your brand image, who will? Josh Graff, Senior Director at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, shares his top tips to consider when developing your own effective social media strategy.

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    • Join Britain’s digital army


      Date:  15  September  2014

      Ed Vaizey, Minister for Digital Industries, believes Britain has world-leading strength in its research, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and connectivity. It’s time to future-proof our position and push Britain to the forefront of the global digital economy.

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    • Evolving digital technology will transform your business


      Date:  17  September  2014

      Digital technology not only has the potential to automate time-consuming processes, but also to enable new ways of managing cash and payments. Sean Gilchrist, Managing Director of global digital channels at Lloyds Banking Group, explains how forward-thinking companies are embracing digitisation to promote efficiencies across the financial supply chain, and how banks are responding to evolving customer needs through channel innovation.

      Read more
    • Are you winning the fight against cybercrime?


      Date:  13  September  2014

      An estimated 1,000 cyber attacks now take place every hour in the UK. It’s time to get smart about your digital security.

      Read more
    • What do welfare reforms mean for you?

      Bert Provan graphic

      Date:  20  October  2014

      Dr Bert Provan, Researcher at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) at the London School of Economics, looks closely at how welfare reforms are affecting the business models and operations of social housing providers and other businesses.

      Read more
    • Building a digital future

      Pippa Bell

      Date:  21  October  2014

      Pippa Bell, Policy Officer at the National Housing Federation, looks at why social housing providers can be drivers of digital inclusion.

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    • Bridging the gap – a different approach to the social housing sector’s funding challenge


      Date:  19  October  2014

      A sharp shortfall in state funding and bank lending has shifted the lending landscape for social housing providers. Housing charity Poplar HARCA is on the frontline of the sector’s search for new sources of finance, as CEO Steven Stride reports.

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    • Government plans to build on firm foundations


      Date:  22  October  2014

      New Housing and Planning Minister Brandon Lewis is determined to provide the stimulus the social housing sector needs, while ensuring value for money for the tax payer.

      Read more
    • Foreign money moving into the regions


      Date:  24  October  2014

      The UK is hot property for foreign investors at the moment. In an interview with Gameplan, Damian Wild, Editor of Estates Gazette, considers the impact on the commercial property market.

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    • Video: Surveying UK infrastructure investment


      Date:  23  October  2014

      With announcements of approximately £36bn of infrastructure projects for 2014/15, Alan Muse, Director of Built Environment, RICS (the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) discusses the potential value spread through the commercial property market.

      Read more
    • A question of confidence


      Date:  17  October  2014

      The commercial property market has enjoyed a resurgence in the past couple of years – but is change on the horizon? Lloyds Bank’s Martin Green, Managing Director, Commercial Real Estate and John Feeney, Global Head of Commercial Real Estate, look at confidence trends, and consider the challenges and opportunities they signal.

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    • How secure is economic recovery? The inside track on what 2015 may hold for the UK corporate real estate sector


      Date:  18  October  2014

      Positive economic signs abound, but with continued uncertainty in the UK and across the world, what should investors consider? UK macroeconomist, Adam Chester, shares his views on the medium-term outlook for the UK economy and prospects for growth in the corporate real estate sector.

      Read more
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