• Are you aware of the tools available within CBO to assist with your online experience? Regularly visit this page to keep up to date with hints and tips and new features within Commercial Banking Online.

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What's New

  •  New payment type – International Draft

    International draft enables you to request a banker’s draft in a choice of over 50 countries. The cut-off time for making an International draft in Commercial Banking Online is 14.00 and the draft will be posted to your business address. If you plan to regularly instruct International drafts we recommend you create a Template to quickly access the required details.







     FX Instruction


    This field will appear if the currency you have selected is not the local currency of the country you are sending the payment to. Our Correspondent Bank may convert this payment to the local currency before sending to the beneficiary bank unless you instruct them not to by entering ‘DO NOT CONVERT’ in this field. If this field is prepopulated it means that is the default instruction and can’t be changed.

    Note - This field will only be visible when a payment matches the above scenario. It will not be available to every customer as is dependent on your business type, please refer to your Relationship Manager if you have any queries.


Useful Information

  • Are you aware of the tools available within Commercial Banking Online (CBO) to assist with your online experience? Regularly visit this page to keep up to date with hints and tips, new features and Bank Holiday dates within Commercial Banking Online.

    New to Commercial Banking Online?
    Visit our dedicated Getting Started section for guidance on how to get up and running on CBO. There is step by step guidance for both Primary Administrators and Users. In addition we provide videos that give you an overview of the task they represent for example payments and Administration. Click here for support on getting started.

    Notifications bar
    Your notifications bar shows you at a glance what actions you need to take, or what actions have been taken, in CBO. Clicking on a notification takes you directly to the screen where you can take action on that notification or view the actions already taken in CBO. Click here to view what the available Notifications are. Click here for guidance on setting them up.

    You can create alerts within CBO to alert you to events that you want to know about, for example, Payment alerts can be set up to alert you to payments that require approval or are awaiting for an FX rate to be applied. Click here to view the numerous alerts that are available and click here for guidance on how to set Alerts up.

    Client Settings
    To ensure payments cannot be modified once they have been submitted for approval, make sure the Allow Modification Post-Submit of Freeform Payments, Templates and Imported Payments tick boxes are not checked.

    A Primary Administrator can check these settings by going to;

    1. Administration > Bank account settings > Client settings.
    2. Select Modify from the drop down menu option beside your Client ID.
    3. Select/Unselect all of the required options and then Save.
    4. Please note if these check boxes are not ticked this will not allow modification even if the role has the Modify entitlement checked.


Bank Holidays

  • Bank Holiday December

    Commercial Banking Online will be available as normal through the December Bank holiday with the standard daily cut off times applying.

    Please note that Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th of December 2017, and Monday 1st January 2018 are UK non-processing days which means that certain processing timescales will apply for Transfers and Payments which will be detailed below soon.


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