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REDUCE sustainability tool

Helping you towards a greener future

Our REDUCE sustainability tool is designed to help you create your own business sustainability action plan. Use it to work out what sustainability really means for your business, what goals you want to set and how to achieve them.

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 REDUCE is made up of six pillars

Resource efficiency.
Employee engagement.
Develop new business.
Understanding risk.
Engaging stakeholders.

It examines a wide range of topics including transportation, waste management, recycling, reducing water and energy consumption. It also covers motivating employees, potential risks and how you can use your green credentials in marketing your business.

Once you’ve created your plan you can format it into a Word document or a PDF file that can be used in business planning sessions or team meetings. It can also help you prepare for contracts that require an environmental policy as part of the tender process.

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 How to create your business sustainability action plan

  1. Use our REDUCE framework to set your goals.
  2. Create your own sustainability action plan.
  3. Update your progress or add in new objectives whenever you like.
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