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    Research* shows that when organisations embrace online skills, they increase turnover and become more efficient. Our guide is designed to highlight the benefits of online skills, digital platforms and marketing and communication channels, and how to apply them to your business.

    What you need to know

    Building your website. Today’s consumers often begin the search for a product or service online. So by having an effective online presence you can attract new customers as well as keep your existing ones coming back to you.

    Improving your search engine rankings. We all rely on search engines to find what we’re looking for. So making sure your company appears near the top of search results is a great way to increase traffic and, in turn, sales or donations.

    Online marketing. Over two thirds of adults in the UK research and buy goods and services online*. By engaging with them via a website you can enjoy the benefits of cost-effective online marketing opportunities.

    Making the most of social media. More than 50 per cent of small to medium-sized companies say that doing business online increases the level of interaction they have with their customers*. Social media can play an important role in this. Its real-time, interactive nature engages users and is a powerful way to cost-effectively build relationships.

    Using email. Email is one online channel that most businesses are familiar with. But are you making the most of what it can do for you? 78 per cent of small to medium-sized companies said that using email saved their business time*. We show you how it can save you time too, as well as help you with record keeping, business efficiency and improving customer service.

    Engaging with suppliers online. Working with the best suppliers can help ensure quality and, in the long run, even reduce your overhead costs. Using the Internet is an effective way to research and compare suppliers online, helping you locate those that offer the best value for money.

    Receiving online payments. Over half of small to medium-sized businesses saw increased sales as a direct result of accepting payments online*. Using the Internet to accept payments or donations in this way means you can sell more efficiently, reduce costs and make things simpler for your customers.

    Online banking. Switching to online banking reduces the time and resources it takes to manage your business finances, saving you money. Online banking is convenient, safe and secure, allowing you to spend more time meeting targets and less time bookkeeping.

    *Statistics sourced from the Optimisa Report 2012, Britain’s Digital Opportunity - a study of digital maturity within Britain’s businesses and charities. Commissioned by Lloyds Banking Group.